Hi! Nice to meet you on my site! 


Besides working as a Business and Change Consultant I have a passion for photography and traveling the world. Since 2018 Luke is my Fujifilm X-T20 system camera and my companion along the road. With this camera I just recently started working on my photographer skills. 


I love shooting during my travels, but also try to practice in daily live. That's why besides my Travels page you will find a 'Themes' page. It's my way to challenge myself to work on my skills and learn new things.


Enjoy my site!

Henriette Arendzen



About Luke

Luke is my  Fujifilm X-T20 camera. It's a light weight system camera,  easy to take with me on my travels. Size and weight where the main reason to buy this camera, besides the excellent reviews!


At that time I did not know a lot about lenses, so I started out with a XF18-135 mm, a great lens for traveling. This way I was prepared for every situation, close by or a bit further away. But not for wild live as I found out in Yellowstone... This made me invest in the XF100-400 mm zoom lens. Next time I will have a decent picture of a black bear!

After reading more about lenses I decided to invest in a prime lens as well.  I wanted to learn about composition and framing and the prime lens forces you to work with your body and re-think before you push the button. Currently I use the XF16mm f1.4 and the XF35mm f2.0, both great primes for different purposes!