I love exploring the world! Traveling for me means spending time in nature to get closer to myself, learn about cultures, talk with others to share that intimate moment and get touched by beauty and ancient history. This is reflected in my pictures as you will find a brought variety of destinations and topics!


The Netherlands

I live in a beautiful country! I still have lot's to explore and I would like to give you an insight of what NL has to offer. This will challenge me to see more of my own country!



Europe is a wonderful continent. Just a few kilometers away you will find yourself in a complete different culture. Even nature is changing quite rapidly once you leave NL. I love to visit different city's or hike in Europe's nature!  



Somebody once told me "you don't have to see everything to know what the world looks like", I guess that's true... Still, I'm hungry for exploration! Although I have seen quite some places already, I will start sharing pictures as of 2018, taken with my Fuji film X-T20 camera.