Medieval Bruges

Published on 16 August 2019 at 17:41
Bruges is a medieval town in the western part of Belgium. It’s an UNESCO world heritage site and the most visited site in Belgium! The city is famous for the beautiful medieval buildings and streets, but also offers great opportunities for food lovers and lots of chocolate!
Bruges lies close to the North sea, about 20 minutes by car. We went to Bruges without any plans, it was not even planned to go to Bruges in the first place. We decided on a whim to catch a train from Blankenberge (a small village at the coast) and 15 minutes later we arrived for a short stay of 5 hours.




Impression of Blankenberge


The train station is very close to the city center and once we arrived we walked together with lots of other tourists to the historical city center. August is definitely a busy month! This train station by the way is a beautiful example of International building style; modern classicism (1930-1960), with some nice details inside as well.



Not even using a map we wandered around the streets, encountering small alleys, hidden courtyards, canals and food bridges, squares big and tall with medieval houses, statues, restaurants and terraces. Tourists were waiting for the next canal-ride on small boats or horse and carriage to show them around. Bruges seems to be a great place to spent a weekend.

I shot a lot of pictures without knowing the details of any of the buildings or alleys. It gave me the freedom to decide what I thought are interesting objects (although tourism can give you a pretty good hint about what is important…).



We arrived at noon, so again the light was not helpful but I tried to focus on composition and the looks of the city. Another time I will stay overnight to be able to catch the empty streets in the early morning light. I saw some beautiful examples on one of the blogs I follow: Trevor Sherwin photography. Definitely a good reason to go back!

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