Photography in 2020

Published on 27 January 2020 at 20:28

It has been a bit quite on my website. To be honest, the last months I did do some photography, but not that much. Weather was not on my side and I did not visit many places.


2019 Wow!!

I learned so many things the past year! I switched from auto to manual, I used a tripod for the first time (in a correct way), tips and tricks about composition, how shutter speed can influence the result, as well as ISO and aperture, how to focus, some night photography... and probabely much more.


2020 Much more to learn

So, what is coming up in 2020? Lots of photo opportunities! To challenge myself I gave myself a gift; a membership to an online photo club. The photo club gives a monthly photo assignment and I decided this will be a nice chapter for my site as well! The first assignment: Old age. I shot this picture in National Park Veluwezoom, an old fern, at the end of his life (season).


Workshop Night photography

I started the year with a workshop Night photography in my favorite city: Nijmegen. I really like night photography and of course fall and winter are good seasons for practice! It was a great experience to find myself surrounded by like-minded people, no rush, no one asking me if we can move on. We spent some time on composition (lines and details) and shutter speed (traffic and water).


I thought about my photgraphy goals for this year. First of all I want to finish my online course and assignments.. I will change some things on my site to focus more on themesand type of photography and I want to develop my skills in Landscape and cityscape, using the right shutter speed and be creative with composition. It will be another year of practicing basic skills, to get to know my way around the camera!

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