September 2019, Architecture, landscape and a portret

The assignment: take three different pictures, representing 3 different types of photography and explain why you took them the way you did. I decided to practice with architecture and landscape in Washington, during my vacation. My portret (first 'official' one) is not on my site yet, let's see if I can get permission, if not, maybe next time!


Architecture: Capitol - Washington

Fujifilm XT-20, XF18-55mm, 18 mm,  1/75 sec - f20, ISO200


I took this picture from a lower point of view with the dramatic sky in the background. The building looks a little aggressive... or powerful I would say. The grey line leads you towards the building up the stairs.



Landscape: Washington, view on Lincoln memorial

Fujifilm XT-20, XF18-135, 52mm, 1/420 sec, f13, ISO250


In this picture I tried to cover a scenery in Washington DC. From the point I stand, I had a view on the beautiful WOII memorial of which you see part in the picture: the fountains and the freedom wall. In the background you see Lincoln memorial.


Composition wise I chose for Lincoln memorial to be in the centre 1/3 high, with the tree lines leading you towards the building. Because of the different layers in the picture you do tend to have a closer look at what is going on at the waterfront.