February update

Published on 28 February 2020 at 17:34

February was unfortunately a very wet month. Not much photography going on. Of course there was my monthly assignment and I followed my online course, without practice. This needs to change, theory is nice, practice is better! Very last minute I planned a trip to Stockholm which gave some nice opportunities and during my photography club at work we visited Zutphen to practice a bit.



It was a challenge to find a composition expressing 'storytelling'. Kind of weird because is not every photo expressing some kind of story? In the end I walked around in Stockholm and watched an alley full of gravity, non it was understandable for me, but definitely somebody tried to express him or her self. I decided to practice with HDR and in the meanwhile I had my storytelling photo!




Stockholm was on my travel list and this month the opportunity came up to visit. I walked around for two days and tried to capture an impression of the city. We were lucky with a sunny second day and really enjoyed the beautiful old neighborhoods. For all pictures follow this link.



Fotoclub @ work

This month we went to Zutphen, a smaller town in the eastern part of NL. We did not really have an assignment, we just wandered around and took some pictures. HDR was again a focus, with some composition challenges.


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