Quarantine, a new way of living

Published on 29 March 2020 at 15:13

Life completely changed since I last published on my site. It's hard to imagine just a month ago we were not aware of what we were about to face: Lockdowns in many countries, strict rules about staying at home, who to see, where to go and how to behave. All due to our new modern enemy; COVID-19, the Corona virus, as we all know it.


About freedom 

When I'm honest I have to admit, it scares me, like many others. Was I infected already without knowing? (In a way I hope this is the case), will I be infected? How sick will I be? Will I infect others? Scared to suffer, that's probably the bottom line. In NL we're facing a race against the clock. Getting enough ICU beds and respiratory equipment in place and ready for the expected peak in the upcoming days. There is no way you want to get infected now, the hospital is the last place to be at this very moment.


So, I stay put. In my house that means. As the Government asks you to do. I really don't understand people that still go out there, not keeping there distance... taking risks, create risks for others. It's behavior that makes me even more scared. Anyway, staying in your house requests some adjustments for most of us. Freedom is so obvious in a lot of countries and it might feel like it is taken from us. You can question though if actual freedom really exists. Aren't we all captured within our own way of living, culture, standards? But ok, moving around the globe, your country, city or village usually is part of your daily routine. This moving around is my main source of inspiration when it comes to photography. It's the main reason I even got interested in photography in the first place. So it's a new challenge for me, to keep taking photographs, practice my skills in and around the house during this time in quarantine.



The March photo club challenge is 'Bikes'. Easy in NL you would say... becoming less easy in your garden. Yes, I can put a bike outside and take a picture, but I tried to be a little more creative. The result is a first practice with miniature objects! Why did I take these compositions? I tried to work with the lines. Showing were this little guy is going. I thought the stones might be a funny decoration, but they are not sharp. The first picture makes me think of our current lockdown situation; free to go, behind bars. Anyway, I need some more practice, but this is as close to bikes as I will get this month.


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