Close by home

Published on 28 April 2020 at 16:49

As the quarantine continuous, so does my photography challenge. The challenge to practice my hobby in and around the house. I can tell you, it is not easy. But maybe it's a good thing from a learning perspective. Being obliged to stay in and around the house asks for creativity. Although it comes with interruptions, I do take out my camera more often.


Bird project

I decided to practice on wild life. In NL that means mainly 'birds'. We have a cute couple of great tits, nesting in a bird house in our garden. I also spotted a robin which I managed to portret. But I found out patience is a great gift when choosing birds as a subject... I haven't found it yet... 



Close by

April's theme for the online photo club challenge is 'close by'. I really had no inspiration, so I picked the beautiful blooming 'blue rain' in our garden as my theme for this month. I made a series of photo's but decided for the first one to send in. I like it because on the bottom you see the starting of a flower, the close by detail, in the background you see the end result, a beautiful flower!



Blooming chestnut tree

The chestnut tree in our street is beautifully blooming this time of the year! The flowers look like candles. The three is humongous, It's even supported with a strap to prevent one of the branches from breaking off. I chose to picture some details of this beautiful three, trying to express they are part of something big!


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