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Published on 31 May 2020 at 11:03

May is a beautiful  month so far. Plenty of opportunities for photography! This month I focussed on wildlife again, this time no birds in the garden but wildlife in the woods behind our house. I also tried some portret photography, on myself!  The online photo club theme for this month is 'countryside', but as I'm not really going anywhere I got creative in my backyard..



Quarantine is still the way of living: stay at home as much as much as possible. In NL you're allowed to go out though, walk around in your neighborhood with a relative or friend, as long as you keep 6 feet a part.  Am I lucky this means I can go into the woods by foot! So we did, several times. Especially after learning about red deer grazing nearby and a tawny owls nest in one of the trees. We got up at 6 o'clock twice, early but rewarding!



Portret photography

I would never have guest starting with this type of photography. But you get creative after being at home for a while. Of course a 'real' model is still a bridge too far, but I practiced on myself and i have to admit, I'm quite happy with the result! So far it's only about a good, sharp image (by the way, I got some nice feedback!), but real portret photography is a whole different ballgame. Being able to portret a person, his or her personality, wow... that means years of practice I guess. I have a willing model at home... but nothing ready for publication yet... Who knows, maybe in some years.



May photo club challenge: countryside

Countryside...well when I think of countryside, I think of agriculture and when I think of agriculture, I think of.... Yes! my vegetable garden! In a way it's a small countryside in my backyard. Ok, subject chosen, now I need a nice composition... I decided for a 'flat on the belly' type of composition: you see 'growing food', but you also see you're in a garden. 


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