Nijmegen is my favorite city in the Netherlands. You probably wonder why... Well, it used to be my home town. I was born and raised there and called it 'home' for the greater part of my life. I still live close by and I'm sure I will live there again one day. But of course there is more! 

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and the number ten largest city. It's a student city with around 170.500 inhabitants including 20.000 students and it's a so called 'red city' (left wing government). Due to this Nijmegen is also called "Havana at the Waal".

There is a nice vibe in this city. Nijmegen is situated at the river Waal in the South eastern part of the Netherlands. The river is a great 'hang-out' in summer when people go swimming and sunbathing. The city has lot's of restaurants and bars, nice shops, historical buildings and some interesting museums.


August 2019 X-T20, 18-55 mm


July 2019, Nijmegen during the 4-day march and summer festival X-T20, 18-55mm

One of the things Nijmegen is world famous for is the 4-day march called 'Vierdaagse', a 4-day walking event and a 7-day summer festival linked to it. Every third week of July the city is one big open air festival with outside bars, live music and lot's of visitors!



Januari 2020 Workshop Night photography, X-T20 18-55mm